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Wedding Photography

Hello There!

I am so glad you’ve found me and are interested in my work! I love my job and consider myself privileged to be a part of my clients’ lives. I try to make the photography experience as unique as you are; to capture the true essence of each individual I photograph. Capturing the human connection is what most fascinates me about photography and I feel it’s what makes us all unique – our connection’s to each other. It is my goal to create beautiful images of your wedding day that are fresh, authentic and absent of cliché. To capture the moments that evoke timeless emotion that you will never want to forget!

Selecting your wedding photographer is the most important decision you will make when planning your wedding, besides choosing your fiancé of course! Long after the flowers have died, the cake has been eaten and the dancing is done, what you will have left of the day are the sweet memories that have been captured on film. Hiring a quality photographer for your wedding is an investment and just as you have put your time, trust and paycheck into choosing me as your photographer I will invest my time in you.

I want to know you and your love story; where you grew up, where you went to school, how you met, how he proposed, what your dress looks like, does his mother drive you crazy yet?!? Does it sound like we are becoming friends? Well we will be! On your wedding day, you will choose your closest family and friends to celebrate with you. The photographer you chose should be like a good friend. Someone you enjoy being with for hours, someone to help you, someone you completely trust and someone who will make you laugh along the way.

I look forward to getting to know you and capturing your love story!


Meghan Cavanaugh Darlson